It is our mission at One To One Physical Therapy & Recovery to offer top-notch physical therapy treatments. If you have any inquiries about insurance coverage, we are delighted to assist. As a convenience to our patients, we file and process the claims with the insurance companies directly and work to facilitate payment. If we are unsuccessful, the patient will ultimately be responsible for paying the cost. A third-party payor may be accountable for full payment if your case involves an on-the-job injury or a car accident. The claim will be submitted to the proper insurance provider, but in the event of a refusal, disagreement, or legal action, the patient will ultimately be held liable for the cost.

At One To One Physical Therapy & Recovery we accept the following insurances:


Plans for medical insurance can be complicated and challenging to comprehend. You can always get in touch with your insurance company and get an explanation of your out-of-network benefits package. Making an appointment allows us to confirm your benefits, which is the only way for us to know for sure what the benefits of your therapy are. We can discuss these advantages with you and address any questions you may have at your visit.

Forms of payment – Care credit, HSA, Visa, Amex, MasterCard, we do offer packages at a discounted price.

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