It is our mission at One To One Physical Therapy & Recovery to offer top-notch physical therapy treatments. If you have any inquiries about insurance coverage, we are delighted to assist. 

Plans for medical insurance can be complicated and challenging to comprehend. You can always get in touch with your insurance company and get an explanation of your out-of-network benefits package. Making an appointment allows us to confirm your benefits, which is the only way for us to know for sure what the benefits of your therapy are. We can discuss these advantages with you and address any questions you may have at your visit.

Forms of payment – Care credit, HSA, Visa, Amex, MasterCard, we do offer packages at a discounted price.

At One To One Physical Therapy & Recovery we accept the following insurances:

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A physical therapist is a trusted licensed health care professional who examines, evaluates, diagnoses, and then treats and prevents various conditions that limit your ability to move and function in daily life. Our physical therapists have extensive clinical experience and with a blend of science and inspiration they will guide you to manage your physical condition and assist you to achieve optimal long-term body function. It is also a great opportunity to learn and understand your body to facilitate a healthier, functional body and mind in your daily life.

Physical therapy shortens your healing process and helps you to recover fully. You shouldn’t postpone getting physical therapy for the same reason you wouldn’t postpone seeing a doctor for a broken leg. Putting off therapy leads to continued inflammation and pain, unnecessary scar tissue, and increased risk of re-injury.

Thanks to the advocacy of the FPTA and APTA, Florida is a “direct access state.” This means you are allowed to go directly to a physical therapist without a physician’s referral first and receive treatment for 30 days. After 30 days, the therapist will need to get a treatment plan signed by an approved healthcare provider

We are currently in network with Medicare and Tricare insurances and Out-of-Network with all commercial insurances. At One to One, our goal is to simplify the payment and overall experience of receiving high quality healthcare. Before ever booking a session with us, you will have full transparency in how much a session costs and whether or not your insurance company will reimburse you.

We may not be the cheapest option in town but we know from experience that seeking high quality, personalized care from expert physical therapists who are fully invested in helping you achieve your goals will save you a lot of money in the long run. Your health should not be determined nor constrained by non-healthcare professionals over at your health insurance company. 

We want to deliver the highest quality physical therapy and recovery experience. To do so, we have gone outside the world of insurance to help provide a better experience for you as the patient. Being out-of-network allows our physical therapists the autonomy to provide highly personalized, expert care where you need it most (at work, at home, outdoors, at your gym) without the unintended consequences that traditional clinics bear due to insurance contracts.

The length of the treatment depends on your plan of care established by your therapist. Your initial evaluation will typically run 45-60 minutes depending on your condition and follow-up sessions will also run 45-60 minutes. Your frequency of visit varies depending on your plan of care but usually 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks. If additional therapy is needed, a prescription from your physician is required.

You should bring your ID card, insurance card or information so we can verify benefits, any imaging disks or reports (MRI, CT Scan, X-Rays) so that our Doctor of Physical Therapy can review these in your initial evaluation.

The main difference between our Physical Therapy program vs. our Recovery programs is the level of diagnosis involved. 

Recovery sessions include 30 minutes of hands-on stretching, soft tissue work, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (Graston) or Cupping, followed by Red Light Therapy or Normatec Compression Boots. The procedures used are at the discretion of your therapist or recovery specialist.  

Physical Therapy encompasses everything in the recovery sessions and includes movement and functional evaluation to diagnose the biomechanics and root of your pain or dysfunction. Manual therapy, manipulation, corrective exercises, dry needling, blood flow restriction training and IASTM may be implemented based on the plan of care designed by our Doctor of Physical Therapy.

When in doubt, sign up for a recovery evaluation. If your issue is determined to be beyond the scope of our recovery program, then you will be referred for a PT evaluation and we will run your insurance benefits on the spot.

Yes, our therapists are trained at understanding the mechanisms of injury in a car accident. We expertly diagnose and  treat many conditions including whiplash, disk herniation, shoulder injuries, and knee injuries that develop after a car accident. We use any treatment modalities that we deem necessary to get our patients better.

As a convenience to our patients, we file and process the claims with the insurance companies directly and work to facilitate payment. If we are unsuccessful, the patient will ultimately be responsible for paying the cost. A third-party payor may be accountable for full payment if your case involves an on-the-job injury or a car accident. The claim will be submitted to the proper insurance provider, but in the event of a refusal, disagreement, or legal action, the patient will ultimately be held liable for the cost.

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